Sustainability for us


Sustainability has been fundamental to us ever since we started Trålverket.

One thing we did was to not buy everything new, but rather use the materials that were already available on the premises when we took over.

Much of what we built comes from recycled material, driftwood, etc. Some of our dishes are served on Gustavsberg plates, which we have been to every flea market to find. They also serve as our plates for Swedish fika.

The food

To us, a culinary experience means well made food, made with lots of local ingredients,

fish caught nearby, Swedish meat & poultry, lots of vegetables all of which keep our climate footprint down.

We are part of the Local Menu project which helps us work much more locally and with even more ingredients from our region. We have started with specific ingredients, and are aiming to expand our range in the coming years.

Locally produced food means shorter transports, which means less climate impact in the form of less emissions from traffic, fewer additives and less packaging. Which if you ask us, is great.

Food waste

We work actively to reduce food waste at the restaurant, many of the vegetables on our menus can be found in several of our dishes, in this way we have a higher turnover of ingredients, which allows us to maintain a high quality and keep production waste down, we use everything on the vegetable, a carrot top, a tomato slice and a piece of leek left over from previous prep becomes part of the broth for our popular fish stew.


In order to build social sustainability, we take great care of our staff. We are more than happy to see that the staff who work for us have connections to the area, knowledge of Dyrön and the surrounding islands.

We want people to enjoy working with us! We believe that we succeed in making them feel like part of our company and the values we stand for. At Trålverket, personality is more important than serving technique, we may not pour the wine quite correctly, but we always do our best, and with a smile. Our staff work under excellent conditions.

We are incredibly excited to have our amazing team of staff coming back to work with us again this year, we couldn't be more proud.

Future & local collaboration

We run Trålverket almost all year round, open April - December. Opening hours vary throughout the year. We are happy to open up during other months for groups and parties.

We constantly work in collaboration with all other companies and associations on Dyrön to increase interest in Dyrön all year round.

Together with Gunnars Båtturer & Dyrön Södra conference & seafood, we work all year round with conference lunches, dinners and party arrangements.

In the near future, we hope to be able to extend the opening hours in the autumn and start up even earlier in the spring. We believe that local collaboration is the key to success.